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Encontro das artes Ovar

It takes place every first Saturday of the month We intend to raise awareness of sustainable development, the circular economy and upcycling. Reinforce the importance of values such as conscious consumption, sustainable production and the reduction of the ecological footprint. This project has a solidarity cause associated with RIR (Reuse, Integrate and Distribute) which consists of the reuse of clothes and fabrics donated for the realization of utilitarian pieces for the community. Everyone can volunteer! You can make your contribution to the cause, but not only! You can also restore your clothes and still give a new use to clothes you no longer wear. At the same time, specific training is also carried out in the different arts. We share knowledge and experiences in an intergenerational environment. At the end of each meeting we leave with a smile on our face and a cozy heart Participation is free, come!

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