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Rafael Lavoura


In the market for 5 years, GORIAMWOOD is a company dedicated specifically to the art of carpentry.

How it all began?

It all started in a playful and fun way, with the first experiences immediately arousing the interest of the public, who did not let the QUALITY and ORIGINALITY of the pieces created go unnoticed.

Currently, GORIAMWOOD is growing, it is a project in search of fundamental structural foundations to respond to the growing market.

What sets you apart in the market?

It stands out for the RIGOR, COMMITMENT, DEDICATION and LOVE that it implements in its pieces. As well as the concern with sustainability.

The customer finds a 100% Portuguese product, handmade pieces in solid spruce, fully customized, the customer always has the possibility to follow the entire process from the beginning to the final finish. Each piece conceived will have its home, and it will remain forever.

How can we purchase a part?

The purchase of parts is made to order and exclusively online.

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