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Susy's gifts

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Susana Ribeiro

Who is Suzy's Little Gifts?

Suzy's Prendas appeared a few years ago (since 2008)... initially it was just a way to show a little bit of what she did, then some requests came from friends, and little by little I started having some orders 😊 Initially , Suzy's Prendinhas was more focused on cross stitch embroidery, later on fabric painting.

My academic background is in Childhood Education, and I have always loved crafts\decorative arts, and since I was a little girl I used to say that when I grew up I wanted to be a teacher for the little ones! Since I was little I saw my mother crochet and cross stitch, it was with her that I first learned. Around the age of 12, I went to the Pepolim Foundation here in Ovar, to learn how to embroider (in July and August). I learned many hand embroidery stitches with D. Rosinha (Rosa do Aleixo), and I spent a year there learning, then I spent 9 years as a monitor with children between 5 and 10 years old. These were fantastic years, of which I have fond memories and friendships. In addition to embroidery, we went to the beach, and played a lot of games. And it was there that I discovered a taste for fabric painting with Professor Lena. Later, I trained in fabric painting at Papelaria Luís, with the trainer Cidinha Queirós. And from there I never stopped! It's something that gives me immense pleasure and I do it with a lot of love and affection.
During my academic training, I discovered other arts, which I like a lot, such as felt work (puppets). It's a little animal that I have inside me, that loves handicrafts and that always likes to learn new things.

In your opinion, what sets Suzy's Prendinhas apart in the market?

Tough question 😊 Well, I try to do my best, and I do everything with love and care. I always use good quality 100% cotton products. People can choose the design, colors, all the details they want. Some clients have been staying for a few years now, and some are leaving the designs and colors to my liking, which leaves me with a smile from ear to ear!
Because it's very gratifying to feel the trust that people place in me!

What are the challenges and difficulties you currently experience in the market?

Nowadays, it's not very easy to make sales, there are a lot of people to make... some with good quality others that leave a little to be desired... and sometimes, people look more at the price than the quality and product perfection. I try to maintain a good relationship between quality and price. These times of pandemic, complicate the realization of physical events, but looking forward to soon, that they can happen!

One of the brand's values ​​is the active role in responsibility in different ways, such as events, non-profit associations, among others. Why is this support so important to you?

I always liked to see the craft fairs, but I only started participating in them about 4 years ago. And I loved it. I love the contact with people, the interaction with the other artisans, it's fantastic.
I made great friendships 😊 As for making partnerships, it is very important to work together, share ideas, they are a point of reference. We learn and grow together.

Besides your taste for crafts, what do you like to do the most?

I love to learn new things, related to crafts, profession or anything, but that piqued my interest. I love walking, I love the sea, the beach, I love cooking new things!

Finally, what is your biggest dream?
Wow, my biggest dream!! To be happy, together with those who believe in and like me, and all together to be very happy! And of course, a lot of success for Associação Reinventar, that all together we can become more
strong and united.

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