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Craftsmanship, vibrant colors and diverse patterns are its essence.



  Anabela SASantos  

ASASCRAFT is an urban handicraft brand, which started in 2013. Initially dedicated to creative sewing accessories, but naturally, it was creating the funnel for childcare.

how did it come about?

My background is Communication Designer, I worked as a Designer in advertising agencies for a few years, I opened my advertising agency, and at a certain point I was invited to give training (something I always said I would never do (laughs), I accepted the challenge and I loved it!

I was giving training for 7 years, in public and private schools, until there was a drop in funding for professional courses, and the school where I was no longer had the course I was teaching.

If I wanted to continue to provide training, I would have to travel far away, and for me it didn't make sense because I always favored accompaniment to my family, husband and children.

So, I came home, but I never stopped being a designer, I always worked in the area, but the sewing bug was always there. I always liked crafts!

The opportunity came up to participate in a sewing workshop and I signed up, even though I didn't have a sewing machine, nor had I ever sewed (laughs), and I haven't stopped since.

in your opinion, what differentiates ASASCRAFT in the market?

Well, from the beginning I had a good acceptance in the "online world" and what I was told was that it was the careful image that stood out in my first approach.

For me, it was innate, I never thought about it much, I always did what I thought was best.

Then, initially it was the choice of fabric patterns, I always liked patterns with a lot of liveliness and fun. But, I think that what remained, and I have had clients since the beginning, was my delivery in the execution of the pieces, and the follow-up of clients.

what challenges and difficulties do you currently experience in the market?

These days, I think, more than ever, brands need to have a strong online presence. In my case, I've always been online, however it is necessary to be in constant learning, because now, everyone comes online and to stand out we have to do something different.

And that's what I've been doing, bringing together different brands that I identify with and add value to, and created a collaborative project with a strong online presence, but also as soon as we can do physical events to foster ties between the community and the public .

one of the brand's values is its active role in social responsibility, supporting the community in different ways, such as events, non-profit associations, among others.

Why is this support so important to you?

It is very important that we are in tune with the society around us. I immediately supported causes, doing auctions to raise funds. Most of the time, with very little on our part, we are able to give a lot, just taking the initiative to do so.

In relation to associations, it is the same principle that I mentioned before, together we create synergies to leverage the brands. Whether through support in what we know how to do and that for the other is a difficulty, and vice versa, as well as cross-selling. If you have a brand as a reference that recommends another brand to you, you immediately have more confidence in the brand that you haven't known before.

And the same applies to partnerships between associations, if they work together and not each one for themselves, we will certainly have better results.

Besides your taste for design and crafts, what else do you like to do?

(laughs) Learn! I love learning different things all the time and not making too many plans for what I'm going to do in 5 or 10 years.

I believe we have to keep moving, doing what we like at the moment and things happen.

For example, in the quarantine I was able to learn digital marketing, I had no idea of doing it, it happened!

Finally, what is your biggest dream?

My biggest dream? (laughs) May all the ones I like be well, may they be themselves, may they be happy, that I will be happy too.

And that Reinventar has many years of life, to do what we like the most, together with those who believed and believe in the project.

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