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Training, workshops, shows, Choir group, Poetry Sessions, promotion of cultural events, fundraising for those in need, everything at AAMADS, with all the quality and affection.




Alexandra Gondin

What is the Maria Amélia Dias Simões Academy of Arts?

AAMADS is a dance school formed in 1984. It is intended to train people of any age who are interested in learning this area.

AAMADS is a training and awareness-raising institution in the field of performing arts.

Its fundamental vocations and occupations consist of filling the needs of the municipality's artistic milieu, bearing in mind that new conditions are needed for the development, integration, growth and maturation of the show at a local and national level.

To achieve this goal, it seeks to develop the human and artistic capabilities of each individual.

Thus, a group of qualified professionals brought together a set of disciplines capable of offering what is necessary for the emergence of new ideas and values.

AAMADS bets on the global subject, on the complete, cultural man, aware of his own contemporaneity and place in the world. Subject open to individual difference and diversity of knowledge.

We want AAMADS to be a meeting place for cultures, generations, knowledge and experiences.

We are committed to quality teaching, with solid syllabus contents, where the interconnection of courses is an integral part of our pedagogical strategy.

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