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Ana Maria Henriques

Who is Miminhos de cork?

Miminhos Cork was a company that was born almost from the anything, to about 14 years I and a friend were out of work, already having knowledge of some sewing things, but it more than me, started to do for bigotry and friends some things in which the base of work was cork and with which we mixed fabrics, lace, according to what came to mind.

However, she got sick and I was left alone without knowing what to do because I wanted to start doing craft fairs as a result of the encouragement and much insistence of the Serra da Estrela Craftsman Association, I wanted to open my Facebook page, finally do things properly even in terms of Finance and Social Security.

And so it happened, I started with fairs, I opened my page, but I couldn't do it alone, so I put a friend to work in the workshop and another to go to fairs with me.

Even so, it was complicated because I started to do new things introducing handmade shoes and then I found some artisan partners who still work with me today.

I changed the name to MIMINHOS DE CORTÇA & CA, because we now have other items, always made in our workshop, with different techniques.

Today we are a sole proprietorship company with organized accounting, with an artisan's letter, with an online store and facebook page, and with fairs from North to South of the country, we give some workshops, not many because we don't have time. And we have our artisan partners with whom we also love to work, knowing that everything is National, belonging to Portugal 2020, and ARTISAN PRODUCTIVE UNIT.

During this time of the Pandemic, we had to include other articles in order to get here, with authorization from CEARTE, in order to meet some of our expenses, always keeping in mind. 100% NATIONAL ITEMS.

We will continue to fight until our fairs arrive. Soon they are there. I miss you all a lot.

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